My So-Called Haunting - Tamsyn Murray

Title: My So-Called Haunting
(Sequel to My So-Called Afterlife)

Author: Tamsyn Murray

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Release Date: 2010

Category: Paranormal Romance

Source: From the publisher

Paperback: 207 pages

Summary from Amazon:
Skye, a fourteen-year-old who can see ghosts, is very stressed. Not only is the ghost of a sixteenth-century witch giving her fashion tips, but she's struggling to settle into life with her aunt, and is developing a crush on the most unattainable boy in the school, Nico. When her aunt asks her for help with a troubled teen ghost called Dontay, she's glad of the distraction. But then Nico starts paying her attention, and she's soon facing a battle to keep her love life and her psychic life separate. As things get ever more complicated, it looks as though Dontay's past might cost Skye her future.


I discovered Tamsyn Murray at the book launch of Harriet Houdini, to which the lovely Becky @ The Bookette invited me, and I immediately fell for her lively personality and her sense of humour. 
Thoroughly original, witty and funny, her novels are definitely made of awesome. (You can read my review of My So-Called Afterlife here and my review of Harriet Houdini here.)

I was really impatient to read this sequel-but-not-exactly to the first book and I haven't been disappointed at all. All the things which made me love My So-Called Afterlife were there, and there were so many other things that I didn't have any feeling of déjà-vu. I found both books quite different in terms of plot and general atmosphere, and I really liked immersing myself in another part of the ghost world Tamsyn created. I found My So-Called Haunting to be slightly darker than My So-Called Afterlife.

This time around, we are not following a ghost, but a young girl (very much alive) who can see ghosts. Skye hasn't had an easy life, what with having to see ghosts and deal with her mother who can't in a family of psychics, she has never related well with people her own age, and she has always struggled to make friend.
I absolutely loved Skye, she is funny and original voice but a very believable teenager at the same time. I thought that her relationship with her mother and with her aunt were very interesting to read. Even though Skye suffers at school, she stays herself in the difficult situation.
Without dwelling much on the details, I found the love story very cute, especially how it unfolded (and I'm sure those of you who read the book will be amused by this). 

The characters were all great and I loved getting to read about Jeremy (and his yet unimproved fashion sense) again! I have to talk about one character in particular. Upon her arrival in her new school, Skye becomes friend with Megan. And Megan is just so wonderful in a lethal combination of stalkerish gossip teenage girl kind of way that I am laughing out loud just thinking about her.
The ghost characters were also very well described, I literally *love* Mary who haunts Skye's house. The ghost Skye meets at the Dearly D, Dontay, has had a difficult time and it was fascinating to read about his story and how he learned from his actions. As always, Tamsyn Murray hints subtly at a serious issue without being too moralising or doomy gloomy. The reader can therefore enjoy a very original and entertaining story, as well as discover more serious themes hidden in the plot.

We also get to be at the Dearly D and seeing it through Skye's eyes. The Dearly D is a church in London where psychics try to help ghost to move on to their next life and I liked the image of this a lot in the first book and even more in the second.
Aside from the Dearly D, there are various London places which are featured in the book in such a way that I wanted to grab a map (always helpful when - like me - you have no sense of direction) and discover them myself. I think that London is the ultimate Gothic city and there are so many places you can lose yourself in which would give you quite a few chills!

My So-Called Haunting is a treasure of a book and I can guarantee you won't regret reading Tamsyn Murray's books. All fans of paranormal romance and ghost stories will love the original plot and the amazing characters, and everyone else should appreciate the funny and witty story. One of my favourite UK writer for young adults and an absolute must read!

Many many thanks to Piccadilly Press for sending me this book!


  1. I really enjoyed this one too - great review:)

  2. So delighted you enjoyed it, Caroline, thanks for this fab review. I do try to include the parts of London I love.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I loved Mary too, can't wait for the next one :) Great review.

  4. This is one I'm really looking forward to reading, what a great review :)