World AIDS Day

Hi all,

Today is World AIDS Day!

Take a minute today to visit the World AIDS Day website and learn facts and figures about the virus in your country, as well as read some testimonies of person living with it.
Take part in the Prevention Revolution were we raise awareness on this issue:

The HIV/AIDS in Young Adult Literature Week I am organising aims at raising awareness, not only to encourage people not to be in situations where they could catch the virus (unsafe sex, sharing needles...) but also where they would know enough of what it is to be HIV positive or to have AIDS in order not to ostracize people who are ill.

You can read all the articles posted on this blog (here), as well as an explanation of the week (here) and a non exhaustive bibliography I compiled with the help of many other bloggers on the issue (here).

If you have a blog, don't hesitate to put the logo on it to raise awareness and link it to this blog or the World AIDS Day website.
If you have a twitter account, do not hesitate to put the Twibbon!
And talk about it to your friends, at your school and wherever you think that it could make a difference.

Visit the other wonderful blogs participating in the week:
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More links to come! if you have posted an article for World AIDS Day and I have forgotten you, don't hesitate to paste the link in the comments!

Many thanks to everyone who participates and wants to make a difference!

Have a lovely day,

x Caroline


  1. Hi- Just wanted to pass along this link, hopefully you can highlight this. Keep up the great work on your site!

  2. Thanks so much for arousing my interest and getting the ball rolling for me, so to speak. I've made my pledge, and am posting an informative post about World Aids Day in a few hours!

  3. thanks so much for putting this all together! so glad I could help! this is definitely something that should be discussed and awareness raised!

  4. I have hardly been around this week but I want to say that you are amazing for highlighting such an important issue.

  5. Glad to help out. Well done for organising such a jam packed week