Anne McCaffrey Challenge - First Quarter Link Up

Hi all,

Here is the first quarter (January-March) link up for your Anne McCaffrey reviews.

For more information about the Challenge and how to sign up, head over here!

I will announce the winner of the first quarter prize soon!

The reviews for the First Quarter:
Katherine @ The Reclusive Muse: The Crystal Singer
Nayuleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner: Acorna
Nayuleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner: Acorna's Quest
Nayuleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner: Acorna's People
Nayuleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner: Acorna's World
Nayuleska @ Nayu's Reading Corner: Acorna's Search
Wendy @ Radiator Reader: Dragonsong
The Mole @ Our Book Reviews Online: Dragon Harper
Hannah @ My Book Journey: Dragonflight

My reviews:


  1. Ah, I'm supposed to leave a comment here too... As you can see, my muse (being a unicorn and a little bit scared of them) has ignored the dragon books suggested for this quarter, but I shall make sure he reads one of them before the end of the challenge.

  2. I'm here! And I want to know why you don't have enough powers to get us dragons! Heehee :) I might have to change how many books I read per month to a quarterly thing, but I'm still reading! I'm not posting a comment for every book....

  3. I think I'm all caught up now! Yay!