Foreign Book Covers - Maggie Stiefvater

Hi everyone!

I will continue on my idea of showing you French and Italian book covers this week by unveiling Maggie Stiefvater covers for both her series!

Check out the other Foreign Book Covers you might have missed!


The Wolves Of Mercy Falls

If you need reminding, here are the US and UK covers:

US cover

UK cover

I like the UK covers and their designs, but I really love the US ones and the different colours, they are easier on the eye than the UK ones with their strong colours.


But check out the eerie French covers for this series:

Shiver / Fever (Linger) / Fusion (Forever)

Fusion is by far my favourite of all the Forever covers! I really love the font they are using for this series, with the little hearts in a letter of the title, and how each cover has a real personality.


And the Italian ones:

Shiver / Deeper (Linger)
Shiver: "A story of love and wolves"
Deeper: "Your destiny is within you"

I really like their simplicity and the gorgeously pink Deeper but they don't have enough personality for me, what do you think?


The Books of Faerie

Again, remind yourself of the US and UK ones:

US covers

UK covers

I don't really like the US covers to be honest and I love how Maggie Stiefvater's UK publisher is trying to give her a real identity and a recognisable style for her covers but I don't really like the strong red and blue colours. I love the design though!


The French covers copy the US ones:

The titles are literal translations of Lament and Ballad


And check out the Italian cover, my personal favourite:

I generally don't like covers with a real person on it but I find that this cover is particularly spot on! I really love it and I think it definitely captures the essence of the book. I can't wait to see what they make for Ballad!!

What do you guys think?
Which of the different covers for both series do you think suit the stories better?


  1. The Italian "Whisper" cover uses the same image as The Twisted Thread:

    Is that legal? Haha.

  2. That is totally legal, LOL!
    The Twisted Thread is an interesting cover, but I think I like Whisper better!

  3. I prefer the "black" cover of "Shiver" and its simplicity... The French and the UK covers are great! The US covers are nice but I am not sure about the colours...

    As for Stiefvater's books, UK covers are much better than the US, but I really like these red and blue colours! The French one are not ok at all! I think they are worse than the US ones if it is possible!!! The italian cover is very original and interesting... It makes me think of someone under the water even it is not the case here...

  4. The Italian versions of The Wolves Of Mercy Falls are interesting. I do like the black and white for the UK ones, but it would have been nice to have the faint image of the wolves on them like the US ones...

    I definitely prefer the UK versions of The Books of Faerie. They're awesome!

  5. I think the US covers are perfect for the Wolves Of Mercy Falls Series because they are about the book but the Fusion cover is AMAZING!!