Not-So-Weekly Feature:

Sunday Brunch is a feature I created to talk about books without it being a review (where I only talk about one book and its themes) or a meme (because some memes just list books without leaving much place to debate).

The name of the feature is quite simple to explain: I love brunch! after a busy week at work, I like chilling out on a Sunday morning with good food and friends with whom I catch up on news and gossip about everything and anything. And that's what I want to do with you fellow bloggers and readers!

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Not-So-Weekly Features:

Lost In Translation (or LiT) is a meme-turned-feature I created to present foreign authors to the English-speaking bookworm community! I am French and I have lived in Italy so I am interested in French and Italian new releases and classics in particular. 
This meme will not only present foreign authors but will also be a good way for English speaking readers to know about foreign writers and improve their level in foreign languages by reading awesome cool books in their original version if they prefer.

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Of The Classics Though Shalt Not Be Scared is a feature where I will present some of the most famous classics which are important to read or reread (or even rereread). I will try to put some international classics in there, to satisfy my multicultural love (and be annoying some more). 

The logo was created thanks to the extraordinary picture:
A portrait of a young woman by Fritz W. Guerin, c. 1902

Articles to come!