Lonely Werewolf Girl - Martin Millar

People, I am writing on this cold yet sunny day to talk about a crucial matter. It is a matter that has the utmost importance and that will surely have its effects spreading through countries and generations. One can't know how many people will be affected, nor to which degree, but the matter can't be ignored any longer.

I will therefore advise the faint-hearted not to read below for fear of having their lives turned upside down.  The rest can proceed the reading at their own risk.

      It is with unabated emotion, powerful convinction and exquisite honor that I, Caroline, award Lonely Werewolf Girl author Martin Millar a place next to J.R.R. Tolkien, George Orwell, Arthur Miller and Jane Austen in my personal sacred books that I cherish every day for changing my life forever and whose awesomeness makes me want to cry and scream very loud (and even louder than that actually).

*deep breath* That being said, let's review the book ! *grin*

      The story takes place in contemporary United Kingdom, between London and Scotland where the MacRinnalch family has its origins. The MacRinnalch are considered werewolf royalty among the race, where the chief is called a Thane. Not only do the MacRinnalch rule the werewolves, but they have far greater abilities since they don't need the full moon to change in werewolves and have incredible power, making them unbeatable.
      The youngest of the MacRinnalch, Kalix, was born in werewolf shape when her mother Verasa was herself in werewolf form a night of full moon. This most unique circumstance makes Kalix one of the strongest werewolf that ever existed. But it doesn't make her popular. On the contrary, as the youngest of many decades, Kalix is ignored if not taunted by the various members of her family, earning the nickname of Lonely Werewolf Girl. 
      At the beginning of the story, Kalix has fled Scotland and is hiding in London after attacking her father violently. She never forgot how her family banished her lover Gawain. As the story unfolds, Kalix meets two very curious and friendly humans, Daniel and Moonglow, who will help her when everyone else wants to kill her. When Kalix's father finally dies of his injuries, another matter will arise: a clan politics struggle for the Thaneship begins with Kalix's two older brothers, the brute Sarapen and the cross-dressing Markus, both resorting to murders, bribes and manipulation. Only Kalix and her older sister Thrix, a powerful werewolf Enchantress who runs a fashion house and befriends Elementals like the Fire Queen, don't want any part in this conflict. But will the others let them in peace if they represent swing votes in the Great Council ?

        I most entirely and whole-heartedly love this book. There is no other word for it.
      Martin Millar's story-telling is so incredible that your mind gets snatched from your body at the first page, it gets shaken, squeezed, teary, tickled, blown away and given back to you, at the very last page, with the most exquisite feeling ever. 
      The characters are all so unique, captivating and funny that you can't imagine them never existing before. There are so many characters in this story and all of them are awesome, and you meet new ones all along the story, which makes you love the book even more !

      The plot in itself is so sophisticated that I personally feel that everything is true and no I am not crazy, though technically, I probably wouldn't admit it if I was. Martin Millar is a genius for inventing all of this. It is just entirely brilliant and perfect. He is very descriptive of where the action is taking place, so you travel around London thinking you might bump into Kalix or Moonglow anyday (when you live in London yourself that is).

      The mythology in fantasy books is very important to me. I like reading about logical (in their imaginary way) myths and well developed creatures. And here, it is so incredible and the fantasy part isn't even the centre of the story. It isn't really about being a werewolf as it is about those people, who are werewolves, interacting with those people who happen to be humans or elementals. 

    The female characters are all kick-ass women: from the manipulative Verasa, to the vain Fire Queen Malveria and the equally vain Thrix who can cry their heart out over fashion but kill people in a nanosecond without the slightest remorse, and Kalix who becomes unstoppable in battle but whines when there is no more Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Spongebob Squarepants on TV. 

       Some society themes are also introduced very cleverly in the book (parent/child relationship, drugs, ambition, sexuality...) and I just love the ending (which I can't talk about for obvious reasons).

I don't want to say too much (not that I can anyway without giving spoilers) because you really do need to discover this book by yourself and, hopefully, take as much pleasure as I did reading it.


  1. Ohhhhhhh, I just knew this was gonna be a good one!! Can't wait to read it myself. Great review!

  2. wow, seems to be a good book :D

  3. i loved how the women were such strong characters in this book.