Rest In Pern Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey 1926-2011

I have come back home to the saddest news. The wonderful Anne McCaffrey, author of some of the most imaginative pieces of speculative fiction written to this day, has passed away. Not only was Anne McCaffrey one of the most gifted fantasy and science fiction story-teller but she was also a true pioneer for women writer in the genre (she was the first woman to win a Hugo and a Nebula award) and an advocate for strong women characters.
Every single one of Anne McCaffrey books is set in an original and frighteningly convincing universe, filled with powerful ideas and dreamy characters. She created some of the most beloved species (I am still desperate to find a fire lizard) but has also brought us the most interesting human and not-so-human characters who taught us to be ourselves and to show compassion to others. There truly isn't any writer just like her and I will carry her unforgettable stories with me.

Thank you Anne for all the fascinating and inspiring books you brought us and I hope you are finding yourself surrounded with 'Dinis and fire lizards where you are now. You will be deeply missed.

Anne McCaffrey wrote those following words about the loss of Petiron and the lyrics couldn't be more fitting today:
“The tears I feel today I'll wait to shed tomorrow. Though I'll not sleep this night Nor find surcease from sorrow. My eyes must keep their sight: I dare not be tear-blinded. I must be free to talk Not choked with grief, clear-minded. My mouth cannot betray The anguish that I know. Yes, I'll keep my tears til later: But my grief will never go.” 
Anne McCaffrey, Dragonsinger (Song for Petiron)

Me after discovering the Pern novels


  1. This is such sad news isn't it :o( I've not read one of her books for years now but I was a massive fan of them as a teenager, I'm going to have to dig some of my books out & re-read them.

    That quote you used is beautiful & very fitting.

  2. Now Anne has gone between. We are all keening her loss. Her son is left though to carry on a tradition.

  3. I actually wrote to and got an e-mail back from Anne McCaffery and was very pleased to find she was as nice in letters as her many dragons were in print. Keening is the right word here. She will be missed. In highschool, given the choice to read in the library or eat lunch, I would always choose to read, and her books formed a large part of that reading material. I found out she died through the forward about the authours in Dragon Time and hope her family is doing well. Shay

  4. I hope she doesn't have any dragons going between because she died. Maybe that's where all the dragons went. Between.

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