Harriet Houdini, Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation - Tamsyn Murray

Title: Harriet Houdini - Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation

Author: Tamsyn Murray
 Illustrations: Lee Wildish

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books
Category: 5+
Release Date: 2010
Source: Bought it during an author event + book signing
Paperback : 124 pages

Meet Harriet Houdini, a young rabbit with lots of attitude, as she settles into life with her new family. Never destined to be a boring bunny, Harriet finds herself scouted by the producer of hit TV show Superpets and starts her career on the showbiz ladder. From daring backflips to thrilling escape attempts Harriet really is a Stunt Bunny extraordinaire! 


Look at that bunny, 
isn't it the sweetest most precious little thing you've ever seen?

I most entirely fell in love with this book even though I am now quite older than the age group targeted (legally that is, since I am still very much a 5 year old at heart).

The book is incredibly well written, every sentence is a treat. Tamsyn is so funny that even older readers laugh out loud while reading. I definitely need to stop reading in the tube or else I'll be sent to a mental hospital soon. If you have read My So-Called Afterlife, which is Tamsyn Murray YA novel, then you must know what I'm talking about.
And if you haven't, do so. Immediately!
The illustrations are insanely cute *awww* (yes, I secretly want a poster of Harriet in my room, sue me).

I absolutely love the plot and the characters. Harriet is a super fun super strong bunny with plenty attitude. All the other characters are extremely fun, may they be humans, animals or magicians with an accent. You will surely laugh out loud at Doodle the poodle and its owner who share the same hair style (don't all poodle owners do?) and the other animals.

I like the reality TV setting, I can't wait for the next books!

Anyways, this is a story and a character that is extremely cute and fun, and I will be following Harriet's adventures very closely!!

Three backflips of celebration !


  1. *Applause* Those back flips were spectacular Caroline. I never knew you were so talented! *smiles* I am so excited for my students to get to read this. Yay! Lovely review :-)

  2. What a lovely review - thank you so much :)