I started this blog in December but I was only posting a review every now and then. In March/April, I have started looking at what other people did in the book blogging community and participating to meme as well as commenting on other people's blogs.

In May, it seems like I have discovered my book blogging rhythm (if there is such a thing) where I basically know a little more what I am doing. So I thought about sharing some things with you about that, first because I want to brag a little, and second because it might help some of you! But if you just want to see the Werewolf Giveaway winners, skip to the end of the post !

What I did in May:
I reviewed 18 books [I actually have reviewed 11 but somehow counted it as 18, my maths hasn't improved, lol] (6 Americans, 3 French, 1 Italian, 1UK, 3 LGBT, 1 Zombie)
I read 3 books out of 12 of my LGBT Challenge 2010.
I discovered Meg Cabot and Luisa Plaja.
I created the meme Lost in Translation to encourage people to read translated books by foreign authors.
I went to a UK Blogger meet up and had plenty fun.
I went to a book launch with Becky @ The Bookette and it was awesome.
I had a blog makeover and have been invited to a fashion community because of it (since I'm not fashionable, I won't join, but it still made me laugh).
I opened a Facebook account, registered to NetworkedBlog and opened a Twitter account for the blog. 
I had my first Giveaway.
I had my first ARC and books sent to me by a publisher for review, and this just feels like Christmas !
I annoy everyone with French this and Italian that.

What I think about what I did in May:
I love reading and book blogging !

I know there is a lot of pressure on book bloggers to write a gazillion reviews per week but I realised that 
a) I have a life and don't have time to read and review more than 3 books a week ; 
b) I enjoy reading books as well as writing reviews, not rushing through them
c) My readers have a life also and if I post too many reviews a week, I don't get any comments and I like reading about other people's opinion, otherwise I can just talk to myself in front of the mirror (which I already do).

Memes are fun but they take a lot of time, so I will be participating in the IMM meme every week but slow down my participation to the others.

I have had very positive feedback on my Lost in Translation initiative, and even though it takes quite some time to find books, read them and review them by adding some interesting facts, I really enjoy it !

Meeting other bloggers in real life is awesome !

I should read more Zombie books. No seriously, I read a lot of US books for a European blogger, not that it is a bad thing, but I will *try* to have a bit more diversity in my reads.

I like organising giveaways.

Facebook, NetworkedBlogs and Twitter are a cool way to communicate with fellow bloggers.

What I think I will do in June after thinking about what I did in May:
I think it is safe to say that I will continue reading and writing reviews.
I will try to have a better humour, but I can't guarantee anything.
I will also continue Lost in Translation and bring more diversity to my reads and try to bring more people on the boat (which is a metaphor because I don't really have a boat).
I will try to organise some other giveaway if my bank account allows me.
And then continue to communicate and share with my beloved fellow bloggers (UK in particular but also from all over the world!).

Alright alright, I shall stop saying boring things and get down to business !!


With a staggering participation of eleven (11) people, I had the difficult task to go through all these inventive and funny entries and find two winners. 
Unfortunately, I found three so I am going to have three winners (spreading the werewolf love is waaay more important) ! And thank you to all the others for participating !

Just to clear things up, I chose the winner based on my pink-loving zombie humour. All complaints can be sent to my parents for making me and unleashing that onto the world. You can go ahead, they get complaints every day. :-D

ANYWAYS! The winners are right under this and I have also put their entries here for you to read, if you don't like it send me an email and I will take them off !

*Drum rolls please*

(thank you!)

My first winner is
Claire wl 
who sent me the most creative answer and will therefore receive a copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl and Pride.
My entry is in the style of an entry log since you said any form was acceptable. The entry log is from a team of Werewolf captures. 
Werewolf Diary
Date: 12 / 05 / 2036
Log No: # 51
Location: Lakeview, Mississippi
Reporter: Mrs Gore
Crew: Henry, Oliver, Sandra, Kim, Kent and Smith
Information on Target:
Werewolves are shapeshifters. Creatures of great strength and with heightened senses compared to their bodies in the human form. They are not necessarily harmful but due to their animal instincts, one should never trust a transformed werewolf.
In order to defeat a werewolf, one needs to first capture before moving onto relocation and ‘rehabilitate’. Even though legend says werewolves only shift on a full moon, we have documented sightings of them at different times.
We have had a lot of people saying they saw something like a large dog in a forest not to far from the recorded disturbance area, and so that is where the capture will happen. Henry, Oliver, Sandra, Kim and Kent will be doing the capture, whilst smith is on look out.
Henry, Oliver, Sandra, Kim, Kent firstly get completely covered in a type of mud so their human smell is masked by the smell of earth. (This is over their protective clothing, specially designed for this.) They will be in the tree tops, using night vision goggles and having camel packs filled with fluids to keep them hydrated. Each will be given a tranquiliser gun that holds 2 tranquilisers each with enough power to dose a rhino. They will be sent up there about midday on the day of the capture. The same day Smith will come about four and drive a large cow caucus up to about a half a mile into the forest. Directly above him Henry, Oliver and Sandra will be waiting. A few trees away in either direction Kim and Kent will each be. There is no radio contact as the werewolf can hear that but a unique bangle has been produced that each wears. If in trouble the adrenaline causes the bracelet to send out a unique vibrating pattern to to the other bracelets so they know from whom the ‘message’ is from. If anyone sees the wolf there is a button they press that lets the rest of the others know but it is the same patterned message but at a less acute vibration. Once the werewolf comes to the designated area, he will be shot with two darts and given five minutes in order for the darts to take effect and to reach his comatose state.
Once the werewolf is comatose his body as well as the caucus is collected and transferred back to the rehabilitation centre. This is not a centre where tests are run on the werewolves but a place that by day the humans can call home and by night there is a enclosed wildlife ranch in which they can roam and be themselves, out of harms way.
Captured without any problem but third tranquiliser needed for sedation en route to centre as werewolf was showing signs of waking.
Now two months has passed and positive signs of adaption and inclusion into the unit have been shown. (12 / 07 / 2036)

My second winner is 
Carol Thompson (Buddyt)
who made me laugh out loud with her first sentence and who will receive a copy of Stray.
Wolves, including werewolves, are really only very big dogs with an anger management problem so the obvious way to get them to calm down is know to any dog owner and lover.  Simply approach them with the dog shampoo in one hand and the bucket of water in the other and coo gently "come on sweetheart, it is time for your bathies".  They will immediatly cower down and look desperately around for any avenue of escape.  Do remember not to get any shampoo in there eyes though as that could cause them to whine very pitiously.

My third winner is
who had a hilarious entry as well and who will receive a copy of Linger !
The best way to defeat a werewolf is to shower him with flattery. Tell him how shiny his coat is and wow, grandma, what nice teeth he has! If that fails, then try seduction. Werewolves are just like human men -- they find it very difficult to resist carnal temptation. If he's a stubborn beastie, then execute plan C: scare tactics. Warn him that you are good friends with a host of vamps that will have his hide if he so much as plucks a hair from your precious head. What to do if all else fails? Throw him a bone (literally) and run like the wind as soon as he chases after it!
That may be a long explanation, but defeating a werewolf is no small feat. They are strong and vicious buggers, so it's best to heed the aforementioned advice, lest you fall prey to the fangs and claws of the lupine!

Congratulations to all of you !!

And that's all for today people !

I hope I haven't bored you too much, have a good week !


  1. I love this post and I'm so happy I discovered this site! :)
    (Oh, and please keep up the 'French this and Italian that' - it's brilliant!)

  2. Congratulations to the winners, what fun entries! :-D

    Wow, Caroline, you reviewed 18 books! That's amazing, I haven't been too active on the review writing front this month I'm afraid.. Hats off to you!

  3. *cough* I actually reviewed 11 (18 seemed a lot and I had to recount) LOL
    I probably don't know how to count !!!

  4. Hee hee! My maths is terrible too. More on that another time.

    I am mucho impressed with how much your confidence in blogging has grown since you sent me that email all those weeks ago.

    You certainly do not need to aim to review more than 3 books in a week. 2/3 is plenty. Anymore than that and you wouldn't sleep!

    I'm loving the humour. I'm loving Lost in Translation. Your blog is going to go from strength to strength!

  5. What an impressive month! I don't think that more than 3 reviews per week are expected on a book blog. More than that and they might not be as original and thought-out. I write 2 to 3 per week. This seems to be a happy medium for me. I think that it's all about finding out what works for you. Your audience will work with you! Congrats on your first ARC. Love your blog!

  6. OMG am I not getting super lucky this week or what?? First LWG, and now Linger! THANK YOU CAROLINE!!! You are like my personal Santa Claus :D Wow, you got some really great responses for the contest! I am honored to have been chosen among the top three! Also, just wanted to mention that I have noticed the huge "growth spurt" your blog has had in May, and I love it! I've always enjoyed your blog, as you know, but I am impressed with your accomplishments this month and I am excited to see what you do next. Go you! ^_^