Mistress Of The Storm - M. L. Welsh

Title: Mistress of the Storm

Author: M. L. Welsh
Publisher: David Fickling Books (Random House)

Release Date: 2010

Category: Young Adult

Source: From the author

Hardback: 319 pages

Summary from Amazon:
Verity Gallant knows she’ll never be as pretty and popular as Poppy, her perfect little sister – she doesn’t quite fit in. But when a mysterious stranger hands her an ancient red book, everything changes. Verity becomes embroiled in a tale of dark magic and intrigue; she uncovers old rivalries and discovers new friends. Together, she, Henry and Martha explore the secrets stirring in the ancient harbour town of Wellow. But what will it take to stop a powerful witch hell-bent on revenge?


I totally fell for this book and its wonderful characters, haunting myths and fascinating setting. I honestly cannot recommend it enough!

The story is about Verity Gallant, who lives in Wellow, a small city near the ocean. She is awkward, too big for her age and spends her time reading so the other teenagers her age keep bullying and making fun of her. At home, her parents don't pay attention to her as much as she would like and she is often frustrated. But she has a great friendship with her younger and more popular sister. Verity finds refuge in books, adventure stories and her small library in Wellow. 
One day, a complete stranger gives her a  book, telling her "The Storm is coming" and Verity's entire life will change.

The characters are all awesome and reflect definitely what goes on in a small town where people refer to each other with the last names and the reputation of a family or disputes are kept from generation to generation. Verity is an amazing heroine and she will have to show her courage, strength and determination along the book. I just wanted to hug and help Verity during the entire book!

Sometimes, the setting of the book becomes a big part of the plot and I absolutely loved the setting in this one. You will learn what it is like to live in a seaside town, where boating is the main sport and everyone knows each other. The descriptions of the places were so brilliantly written that I swear I could feel the soothing rolling of the sea, the salty air and wind on my face. It definitely makes me want to go and have adventures *cough* visit the seaside!

The book is about family and friends, and I really loved the dynamic between the characters. Henry and Martha stand by Verity, and they will help her as much as they can, even though it would put them in danger too. The book is also about family but more particularly about how adults see children and vice versa. 
One of the underlying themes is what is called the Gentry in the book (like pirates, but living on the coast to steal ship cargos), and how they rose to become a very strong and wealthy people - at a cost. The historical parts of the book are fascinating, and you really feel transported in another world. The fantasy part are very original and absolutely awesome. I really liked the feeling that it could be true and what is described as a story and a myth.

I absolutely loved this book! Younger readers will love the action and adventure feeling in it and the not-so-young readers will also love the setting and the characters.  M. L. Welsh is a new author that I will definitely be following from now on!

Thank you to Random House, David Fickling Books and Melanie for sending me this book for review!

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  1. Wonderful review, Caroline! This sounds like a good read and the pretty cover grab my attention straight away(and that's no drawback either).