National Non-Fiction Day!!

Hey everyone!

Today is National Non-Fiction Day!

You can visit the website here, follow @allnonfic on Twitter here or even "like" their facebook page here.

As specified, on their website, National Non-Fiction Day is an annual celebration, initiated by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups in partnership with Scholastic Children’s Books. It aims to celebrate all that is brilliant about non fiction and show that it’s not just fiction that can be read and enjoyed for pleasure.

With non-fiction titles, children can learn about the Earth, animals, historical figures and science in an interesting and entertaining way.

Since I couldn't review a non-fiction book for the event, here are links to bloggers who did post reviews:
Chicklish has made a round up of all the non-fiction reviews aimed at teenagers which were published on the website (here)
Nayu's Reading Corner has published a beautiful review of Under The Sea (here)
Fluttering Butterflies talks about her sons' favourite non fiction books (here)
Rhiana Reads talks about The Usborne Art Sticker Book which she reviewed with her daughter (here)
The Girls Without a Bookshelf reviewed the brilliant Undercover Economist (here) as well as The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking Like a Professional (here)

And last but definitely not least, the lovely Becky at The Bookette wrote about Her Reader Identity And Non-Fiction (here) which I found fascinating as well as reviewed Drawing, Doodling and Colouring for Christmas (here) which sounds *so much fun*

Have a lovely day people!

x Caroline

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