Anne McCaffrey Challenge - Link Up

Hi all,

Here is the link up for your Anne McCaffrey reviews.

For more information about the Challenge and how to sign up, head over here! And if you want to read the review from the first quarter, head over here!

When you sign to the linky below, please put your name, the name of your blog and the title of the book in parenthesis:

Ex: Caroline @ Portrait Of A Woman (Dragonsong)

Enjoy the books!


  1. Thank you! Just came over here to add my link and found Caroline has already done it for me...

    I think I'm reviewing these books in the wrong order - my excuse is that I have a unicorn for a muse and he's got a mind of his own. He picked "The White Dragon" this time because Ruth is white (like him) and too small to eat a unicorn... he hopes.

  2. Ruth can travel back in time when your unicorn was younger and eat him then. :P

  3. I have a review howver I haven't posted it online; when I do I'll put it up. :)

  4. Posted Dragonflight however my website is incomplete. :(