No and Me book launch - Delphine de Vigan

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Just a quick announcement for Londoners:
French writer Delphine de Vigan will come to the French Institute in South Kensington for the book lauch of YA book "No and Me" on Wednesday 7th of April at 7.30pm.

No and Me follows the path of a precocious thirteen year-old girl called Lou. With an IQ of 160, Lou observes people, collects words, devours encyclopedias, and conducts experiments. One day she meets No, a young, withdrawn homeless girl, barely older than herself. Struck by the injustice of No's situation, Lou sets out to help her, departing on a humanitarian endeavour in the idealist hope that everyone will find their place in the world.

Debate between Delphine de Vigan and translator Agnès Catherine Poirier

All infos here

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