Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders - The Etherington Brothers

Title: Monkey Nuts: The Diamond Egg of Wonders
(Book 1 of Monkey Nuts series)
Author: Robin and Lawrence Etherington

Publisher: David Fickling Books (Random House Children's Books)
Category: Graphic Novel
Release Date: September 2010
Source: Received for review from Random House
HB: 63 pages

Summary from Amazon:
Welcome to the Isla de Monstera, home of the world's only tap-dancing, banana-loving, rust-fighting, coconut-talking, and crime-busting organisation...Monkey Nuts! In their very first adventure, Sid, Rivet and Chief Tuft are forced to do battle against a horde of random oddballs and weirdos. When a mysterious signal begins to drive the local loonies into a crazy rage, the Monkey Nuts team have no choice but to grab their masks and get heroic! This title presents monster-catching action from the DFC Library.


This is one of the craziest and funniest graphic novel I have ever read! When I first saw the cover I was a bit dubious as to what on earth a walking coffee-making robot and a banana-obsessed monkey wearing masks could possibly be a part of, but I read the first bubble and laughed out loud. It set the tone for the entire graphic novel and I had so much fun reading Rivet (robot) and Sid (monkey)'s adventures.

Sid and Rivet (who don't know each other at the beginning of the story) live in the peaceful Isla de la Montera which is suddenly attacked by many strange foes. The two become friends and, with Chief Tuft (which is a... uh... coconut), create Monkey Nuts to fight crime and protect their beloved island from the evil Eric *cough* I mean Lord Terra (he changed his name to Lord Terra to sound more evil!).

You will not stop laughing in this adventure and you will definitely marvel at the illustrations. The Etherington Brothers are extremely talented and each page is a pleasure to discover (especially since tiny characters and references are hidden in some pages). All the characters are *awesome* from our heroes to the numerous evil foes. The story is very fast-paced and is perfect for younger readers since the book is divided in little chapters/adventures for each new villain. 
I am recommanding this graphic novel to anyone who likes having a good laugh and enjoys reading about the eccentric adventures of even more eccentric characters!

There is only one problem: it stops way too soon and you will be left craving for some more!

Thank you to Lauren and Random House for sending me this!