Going on holidays :)

Hello shiny happy people,

Just a quick post to tell you that I am going away on holidays to see my parents in France until the 25th (Hello Mockingjay, I'm back right on time for you). 

I am actually just boarding the plane right now (that only works because I have scheduled this post and because I hope my plane won't be delayed :) ).

I am going in a place that looks like this:
Yes British people, you are not dreaming, this is what a blue sky really looks like *grin*

where reading is pretty much the only thing you can possibly do (Awesome)

I am anticipating issues with internet connection because we're in the process of changing to wifi so I don't even know if I'll be able to connect. I will hopefully find a place to post reviews but probably won't be able to comment on your lovely blogs. I will do when I come back :)

Yes, I know, no internet, I like living dangerously :)

Anyways, I have packed half of my bag with books (of course):

and will be picking up books from France because I'm an addict for research purposes only (lol).

Talk when I come back guys and happy reading :)

x Caroline