Guest Post of Sobibor by Jean Molla @ Once Upon a Bookcase!

Hello everyone,

Since I am busy being a movie star nowadays, I won't be updating my blog a lot - I know, I can hear the "ooooh noo!" from here (yes, yes, I can)

But fear not faithful reader!

You can go check out a guest post (what am I saying, the one and only first guest post I have written) I wrote for the wonderful Jo @ Once Upon a Bookcase here! I am really excited because this is the first guest post I have written (and because I get excited regularly for no reason)!
It is part of the Body Image and Self Perception Month (of which you should know all about by now, otherwise I am highly shocked!) and on a book called Sobibor, written by French YA (though not exclusively) writer Jean Molla about a young anorexic girl and some events which occured during the Second World War in the extermination camp of Sobibor in Poland.

Have a lovely end of week people!

x Caroline

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  1. But you will have so much to blog about when you are finished filming and it will be a fascinating thing to read about.